Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. However, we do have a generous number of miles included in your rental. Afterward, additional per-mile charges accrue (depending on the vehicle).

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance. The best option is for you to provide us with your pre-existing insurance policy information. If you do not have insurance, we can attempt to get you temporary coverage. Please inquire ahead of time so we can begin the approval process.

Details may differ based on your reservation. A regular reservation made over the phone for someone with pre-existing insurance will take about 20 minutes. Verifying your insurance will depend on your provider, but it usually takes less than 5 minutes. The pick-up and drop-off processes take about 10 minutes each. For long-term rentals (over a month), we will require you to bring the car in for check-ins.

It depends if you are given a full tank; you must either return it in full or pay for the prorated cost of gas not replaced.

Yes, you can, as long as we haven't already booked the car for the time frame you are requesting.

If you are pulled over while driving the car, any penalties against you as the driver will be your responsibility. Any parking tickets for violating parking rules will also be the driver's responsibility. Always notify us of any tickets.

If the car is damaged while in your possession, you must notify us immediately. Insurance claims will be filed, and costs will be taken care of that way. If there is an accident involving another person, you must file a police report right away and inform us of the incident as well. You will incur financial penalties if this happens.

Yes. We have a standard rental agreement. You can view it here. Just click the link below. Please note that each rental rate, deposit, etc. is different.

Rental Agreement

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